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Welcome to Elite Martial Arts.
The home of world champions, at our Alpharetta karate studio.

Kalman Csoka Diamond Nationals 2007 Double Sword Form

Want to see more videos of Kalman Csoka? view our gallery!!

Our Elite Black Belt Training Program is excellent for anyone who desires to become the finest, most skilled black belt possible.

Why take Karate?
bullet Excellent Physical Conditioning
bullet Exciting Classes
bullet Improved Coordination
bullet Better Grades
bullet Better Focus
bullet Improved Awareness Skills
bullet Self Defense
bullet Personal Discipline
bullet Instruction from World Champions
Elite Martial Arts Studio Team

You can become a leader in your community, school and at home. Become more self-confident, more physically fit, improve your awareness and self defense skills. For those wanting EXTREME martial arts as seen in the movies, our ELITE program is designed to teach intricate gymnastic-based karate techniques from beginning cartwheels to advanced butterfly twists and extreme kicks such as 540's and 720's.

Elite Martial Arts instructors have been teaching karate in Alpharetta for over 20 years!

No matter what your personal goal, Elite Martial Arts would like to help you reach it.

Get ready to begin the greatest journey of your life...
Your Quest for the Black Belt!

Elite Martial Arts is
Accredited and Sanctioned by
The Association of American Martial Arts and a member of
Christian Martial Artists of America

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